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HP Envy 6 review - the Envy 6t-1000 Ultrabook

Also read the review: http://www.ultrabookreview.com/1422-hp-envy-6-review/

HP Envy 6 is a slim and not so light ultrabook laptop measuring 0.8 inches and weighing 4.7 pounds. The HP Envy 6t-1000 comes with powerful hardware, Core i5-3317U , 6 GB RAM, Nvidia GT 630m graphics and hybrid storage. HP added for Envy 6t a 4-cell battery lasting around 4.5 hours of use (decent but not great).

Basic configurations of this stylish laptop start at $799. Read the full HP Envy 6 Review at http://www.ultrabookreview.com/

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Ibrahim Brandonberg : Fuck this laptop... the left hinge broke after 1 year and 5 months... 
brownkidspeaks : DONT BUY THIS LAPTOP its starts to get really laggy and slow... Plus my left side henge broke off not worth it
Nuwan Kularathna : I bought this just one and half years back. I use only this computer for my education purpose. The ultrabook is very good in performance. However, the built quality of the produce is terrible. During the warranty period of one year, I replaced the front back cover due to broken hinge (left side). Immediately after the completion of the warranty, same problem occurred. I paid 25% of the purchase cost to replace the back cover again. Another common problem is the booting. It takes extra long time to boot in certain instances. 
I use this computer only for day to day assignment writing and to log into internet for reading.
Jevk : I am now browsing with that and it's laggy
LuCa_PIANO : There is windows 8?
Quach Minh : It's called Ultrabook for a reason.
devindevin2_ : no dvd :(
26ttony : pls dont buy this laptop.its a damage model from hp.its getting very delay to start up and getting hanged frequently.With in one month i replaced the hard disk reccomended by the service centre.again it started showing the cheap hanging.and delay.

veeru : i took this model in oct last year...but believe its WORST OF ALL THE HP MODELS. i have got tired of putting it into the HP CARE, due to the panel of the screen getting literally seperated. I HATE IT NOW!!!
GreenLeafGecko : I want one

Charmed 1x10 Wicca Envy (6)

Charmed 1x10 Wicca Envy (please find all parts in playlist)
Neddy Constant : Miss this show
Time 2:33AM Mon 7/27/20

HP Envy 6-1006ea Review

HP Envy 6-1006ea Review\r\rToday we’re looking at a laptop that’s just a little bit different. This superslim ultraportable is not an Ultrabook, as you might assume from looking at it, but rather a new category that HP calls the Sleekbook.
ryan viney : This laptop is a piece of shit don't buy it I know this because I have one the hinge broke the keys fall of it over heats waste of my fucking money this computer is WAY over priced
ReggaeEli : Cool
noobwow2009 : get a 4 gb ram and ssd instead of adding those on hp website
Eric Chee : is editing smooth on this laptop?? and also multi-tasking??




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