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Lee Min HO New Film Presents

Lee Min HO New Film Presents
October 15, 2020, Lee Min Ho uploaded a picture in his Instagram account and has a background of heart shape with a mixed color of pastel blue and pink.

Inside the heart, there is a double 11 it means, one of the leading online stores, which is the “Lazada”, offers a “One Day Biggest Sale” online shopping on November 11, 2020. He is the First Regional Ambassador and the new endorser of LAZADA.

On the following day, October 16, 2020, Lee Min Ho uploaded in his Instagram account the newest photo written the words “LeeMinHo Film Presents” with a caption “Your Choice”.

In this photo, the phrase “LeeMinHo Film Presents” are written in 5 different font styles.
Wherein, the caption “Your Choice”, it seems that Lee Min Ho is asking his fans assessment or impression, which one is the best from the top to bottom of the given choices of the 5 different font styles.

Thus, it means, Lee Min Ho has a new upcoming film or k-drama?
Well, millions of your avid fans are very excited, happy and delighted for it.
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1. Lee Min Ho ll Before and After Plastic Surgery

2. Who is Kim Go Eun Rumored Boyfriend

3. Who has the best chemistry for Lee Min Ho ll Park Shin Hye or Kim Go Eun

4. Lee Min Ho The Underwater Kissing Scene

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Floantag TV : I think the 4th one. It's simple and looks original. Well, hope the soonest drama or movie will come out. We are very excited to see this.
浅野佳子 : ミンホ君は素敵でカッコいい❣️
Marcia Svendsen : I chose option 5. It is a writing that is discreet and at the same time striking, as is the personality of Lee Min Ho
Judith Diag : nice to see you,but we want a movie for you ,thank you
Lilibeth Montesines : Congrats and good luck for the new project ...more blessing to come..im so excited to see you again in Netflix..i love it❤️
Maria Albertina da Silva : LEE MIN HO is a stronger name. I thank the option "3" is simpler and has a firm attraction. It doesn't matter if it is in uppercase or lowercase. Lee Min Ho has already left his mark of value and determination as an actor, singer, model and being humanist. The font to be chosen should be as simple as possible, as everyone already knows what LEE MIN HO is.
Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta El Prado JV. : Excelente
Gem's life vlog : Thanks for your sharing ...
Sandra Nunes : Lee Min Ho nasceu completo, meu ator favorito meu Rei mais lindo do mundo.❤️ Fico com 2

이민호(LEEMINHO), '자비 없는 살인 미소' [NewsenTV]

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배우 이민호(LEEMINHO)가 6월 24일 오후 해외 촬영 일정차 인천국제공항을 통해 대만으로 출국했다.

이민호가 출국장으로 향하고 있다.

#이민호 #LEEMINHO #출국
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Alejandra Flores : Que sexy hombre me muero ❤️
Simone Alves : Ele nin é muito maravilhoso ele é perfeito um ótimo ator ele é muito elegante
Belle Martinez : He's so handsome. I always love him.
Teresa Lopez : Papasito!!
Lord Burn : Oppa Sarange..
hang tran thu : Very nice . Lee Min Ho
Lurdes Elias de Oliveira : Muito sexy....love love
Parni Parni : Ganteng banget ❤️
Viola Maria : omggg❤️❤️ he was very humble to his fans (Minoz)
i love him❤️ wish one day i could meet him in Korea
Armie Borromeo : Saranghae Lee minho. ❤️❤️❤️

SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV

SuperM's 1st mini album "SuperM" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform:

1. Jopping
2. I Can’t Stand The Rain
3. 2 Fast
4. Super Car
5. No Manners
6. Jopping (Inst.)
7. I Can’t Stand The Rain (Inst.)

►Exclusive Merch/Bundles:

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SuperM Official

#SuperM #슈퍼엠 #Jopping
SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘Jopping’ MV ℗© SM Entertainment under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
Irene Serrano : NCT U is singing "Make a wish...."
Cata a : This video is beautiful i can't believe what my eyes are watching
geronimo : 4:17 I STILL GET GOOSEBUMPS DURING THIS PART. yooooooooo TEN. so damn intense and fierce
Doyoung Kim : dont forget to str34m 100, tiger inside and one, JOPPING IS NOT THE ONLY SUPERM MV las odio
Bri Star : We need to tell the big accounts in Twitter for example @jopping2fast to do a str3aming party so more people will str3am this
RDS 05 : 375
Cibele_Scl : Nunca eu vou enjoar dessa música!
Cibele_Scl : Nunca eu vou enjoar dessa música!
Axel Oliva : Taemin!
Dayana FL : 2:37 :0




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