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JPX-825 R&D Video

What makes the JPX-825 iron the longest flying in Mizuno's line? R\u0026D's Chris Voshall takes the JPX-825 iron for a test drive against the more traditional MP-64 to demonstrate the difference in ball speed. Then explains the essence of 'Balanced Performance'.
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JPX-825 Pro: R&D Video

The JPX-825 Pro iron offers the perfect blend of Grain Flow Forged feel, workability, forgiveness and distance. Hear from R\u0026D's Chris Voshall on how Mizuno improved on both the feel and shape throughout the set. Read full specifications, custom fitting and availability on the JPX- 825 Pro at
Dave Collette : Yes please

Titleist AP2 Mizuno JPX 825 Pro Irons

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Titleist AP2 Mizuno JPX 825 Pro Irons with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the two better players irons and talks about how to improve your game with the best golf equipment.
H K : Which is easier to mid-handicaper?
Jason Thomas : Love my 825 pro's. I'm Not the type of guy that needs the newest of the new irons. My last set I had for 17 years. Needless to say it was time for an upgrade. So I picked up a set of the 825 pro's. My game has improved a ton. Super soft feel. Picked up the T5 wedge and I was set. Thanks for the video.
Scott Zaffino : Great videos mark and very helpful you help me in making my decision to change clubs. 825 pros. Thank you.
Dennis Ferm : Looking forward to your testing of the JPX-850 Forged
Sean Quinlan : What irons are in your bag right now, Mark?
Robby Rogillio : Mark, love the info!!! How about a review on the 825 Pro vs Titleist CB's. Would love to hear your comments on the two.
Thank You!
Fatty Lau : I tried the Mizzies at my local pro shop with custom Matrix Ozik program 130 shafts but Mizzies did not feel as nice (firm but soft forging) as Titties with aerotech i95 steelfiber shafts.  The feeling off the face was much nicer from the Titties vs Mizzies.  The AP2s were easier to work the ball on fade/draw shots and yet seemed more forgiving.  Off center hits on the toe do rattle your non-gloved hand though.  AP2s also cost more than the JPX 825 pros, but well worth it.  You will believe it once you hit one in the sweet spot.
notyouraveragedb : iam haveing a tough time chooseing between this two club which one is going to give me more forgiviness and will it be by a combable amount???
Sky Light : Mark, I love your videos. Extremely helpful and pertinent to such a range of golfers. I tried both the AP2s and the Mizuno JPX 825 pro. Interestingly after an hour of fitting and comparing, I came to the same conclusion - "softer". (I did this before I watched your video.) I bought the Mizunos.

The club was an easy decision, the more difficult was the shaft. The fitter recommended the Project X, 5.0. Club speed 95. I hit 7 iron 170, Hope that shaft is not too soft? My age 49 seems the reason...
Jackson McDougall : Just bought a set of the Titleist AP2's, im 20 playing off a 5 handicap. Love the irons, definitely a great choice for the mid-low handicap player. Highly recommend them




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