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Возвращение МАРАТА на Mercedes S55 AMG Kompressor

Всемайки ру https://clc.to/j6NyxA
Скидка 10 % по промокоду ASATA55


По поводу покупки Мерседеса обращайтесь:




ПО РЕКЛАМЕ ОБРАЩАЙТЕСЬ СЮДА: asata@salebloggers.ru

https://vk.com/id175888224 - МАРАТ КОЛИЕВ (ведущий)
https://vk.com/dzgoevz - ЗАУРБЕК ДЗГОЕВ (съемка, монтаж)
ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ НА ГРУППУ ASATA CHANNEL: https://vk.com/public142125756

1. FILV x LINIUS - Dont Wanna Go Home
2. Roberto Kan - Kalimba
Артур Сергеев : Красота
Геннадий Абросимов : krasava
Iskander 77 : Мечта
наврик Гюлмагомедов : Бля она че за бомба блять почему я только сейчас увидел ее, я бы наличными дал бы 1000000 рублей дал бы
Дмитрий Аронов : Красава, бро.....
PRIDE : Я водил w220 s500 разгон берет нихуева
Normunds Zamuelis : Kak cvet nazivajetsa???
maga li : Чисто по братски... Наклей наклейку орла на багажник ну или капот️
Артем Абелян : И тут я понял, это машина моей мечты
Хасан Салгириев : Йов Осторожна Языка

Представьте, Вы обладатель Mercedes AMG S55 500 h.p.

Я в вк https://vk.com/obzortachek
Инстаграм https://www.instagram.com/mishayakovlev_/
Группа https://vk.com/familiarity_groups
Cergey Matveev : https://www.avito.ru/krasnodar/zapchasti_i_aksessuary/diffuzor_w220_amg_1435799813
boj Ko : А нахрена эта машина за эти бабки в ремонте ? Нахрена ? Есть w124
Pavel Chernyavsky : Мишаня приятно меня посмешил...Полный респект...
Igor 1980 : Я не бухал,но с мешками под глазами
коста рик : Зашёл сюда в 2020 году специально послушать ещё раз про рёбрышки
Семен Олдскульный : Рено Логан. Ездит и не ломается. Машина для удовольствия !!)))
Никита 154 : Скорей бы уже 221 уже подешевел как 220)
Мир вашему дому!!! !!! : Отличный обзор, только забыли рассказать про расход топлива а так всё супер!!!!
Vitali Tsiz : мне хочется посмотреть на чудака который поехал на ней с Эстонии в город возможностей Кировск.
123w : откровенный репортаж

The Last S55 AMG Ever Built! Was it worth it?

This is my 2006 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG (W220). I thought I always wanted a (W211) E55 AMG, but that was completely flipped when I saw the S55 AMG and all it has to offer. I will go over how much I paid, what maintanence is due and how I found the car. We will do a deep dive into the W220 S-Class and the M113K platform. Included will be burnouts, test hits, sound clips and an overall insight on the S55 AMG as a daily and why you should find one before they are gone!

➞INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/u7tra_/
➞FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/U7TRA/
➞TWITTER: https://twitter.com/U7TRA_

722.6 TRANSMISSION DIP STICK: https://amzn.to/2PFUX8d
M113K ENGINE OIL DIPSTICK: https://ebay.to/33ZdyEP
W220 WASHER FLUID CAP: https://ebay.to/2PL3pTK
PLASTIC PRY TOOLS: https://amzn.to/2DIi5R9
W220 DEPO CLEAR SIDE MARKERS W/ BULBS: https://ebay.to/3kwJ02K
FCP EURO S55 AMG OIL CHANGE KIT: https://bit.ly/2PKoYUc
VEEPEAK OBDCheck BLE: https://amzn.to/2PHC2tC
TORQUE PRO APP: https://bit.ly/33MuPRq
hrlyhnx : I have an 05 S55. While my ABC is functional, at 87K on the clock, I'm concerned about it starting to go. I'm considering swapping out to the coilover and swaybar kits....have you considered this?
AbeO DEZ : What exhaust is that?
Дядя Uncle JIN : as a CLS55 owner, I approve this car!
Jason Brown : Did the car come with hid headlights are the aftermarket headlights hid?
jwade21ways : Brother i have two 03 benz s600 and a CL55 and I just had a driver-side accumulator go out on the CL55 lost some fluid but still maintaining height. I need to get another accumulator to solve the problem however the S600 no problems in the last 2 years with 55k miles on it.The cl55 has 115 K but it was maintained by the previous owner I salute you on your S 55 do not never sell it.
Pennychaser1 : Very entertaining. Love the M113k engines. Like you I originally looked for e55 but ended up with 03 CL55 in excellent condition. Love this car!
Steven Lawrence : Never known valve cover gaskets leak.
The breather covers are a different matter, they dont use gaskets, and are a pita for leaking.
The wheels are too big, you have to lift the suspension its highest position to drive it, tyres catching on the wheel arches are they?
The ABC looks like its lifting all the way, but unevenly, stand by for some hefty Bill's.
I have replaced my ABC with coil springs from strutmasters, replace the lower arms with those from an airmatic car, fit a swaybar from same, and the ride is as good as the ABC.
if you change the supercharger oil, dont forget to use Jet oil.
I have thrown a load of money at my engine, and its kicking out around 620+ BHP now.
Michael K : Quality video. Subbed
Mr. H. : I'm looking at a 2006 S55! What shall I be looking at? What questions should I ask the owner? What problems may I encounter? Thanks!
Mykhaylo Jr. V : Ride is man!
I got mine in the shop hopefully i get it out soon.
What part of NY you at? In need of other s55 Amg owners get advice and recommendations.




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