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160 English Dialogues for Travelling and Tourism

160 English Dialogues for Travelling and Tourism
Chapter 1 - Preparing for a Trip 00:12
Chapter 2 - Flying on a Plane 12:46
Chapter 3 - At the Hotel 30:58
Chapter 4 - At the Restaurant and Bar: 51:06
Chapter 5 - Transportation 1:01:34
Chapter 6 - Taking a Tour 1:14:54
Chapter 7 - Shopping 1:46:38
Hussein Mohamed : Very usefull dialogue
SUETAITLENVSE [обманиум] : 21:40
Why didn't man ask woman for trading seats? And girl'd answer : not at all?
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El Club de Maggie : Andaré un ratito por aquí. I love You.
Arpan Das : Listening dialogues without movies improves our listening ability better. I'm very much greatful to "BOSTON ENGLISH CENTRE".
Florentino Chino : 5555555555555555555%gggggggg
Dannet Aponte : Good video!
Herson Eduardo : i love this chanel
Apsara Bartaula : Nice

English lesson - Words to talk about TOURISM

In this English lesson you will learn some of the main words we use in English to talk about tourism.

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nargiza mukhammadieva : Great vocabulary. Could you please, if available of course, share the title of a book on English for Guide Interpreters?
Samodh A :
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Rahman Rahman : very good video. But think about your audiences who just learned English of course need more explanation in certain word. So please make more elaboration on each word in order to comprehend meaning on it.
bilqis_ 03 : Sir mau i ask you i don't understand with words dirty tourism... I am from Indonesian
Sana Amasha : Thanks a lot . It is benficial and your pronouciation is very greatand lovely and easy to imitate .waiting for more lessons
Xiongpor Yang : wonderful lesson
Javier Ramirez : Thanks for the lesson. Very interesting.
El Show del Títere : Excellent vídeo
Lana Ali : Thanks for you you are amazing lam from Egypt

Bulgarian Minister of Tourism trying to speak English

Jose Arias : Whats good mommies?!
Gwen : I can't stop watching this, her hair looks like she feathers it on the reg.
It’s ari : 1:25 lol
Ervin Baraku : Hahhhha because you have a certificate it doesn't mean that you do speak english lol but you
AnyNameWillDo : Her english is passable..
Tata Gar : This is a great video to teach children how NOT to speak and how speaking a language accurately is important !!! Thank you ☺️
Антон : Hello from Gennady Mutko
Tam Gaming : Awesome comedy^^
dizzyizzybusy : Hi angri, you speak Japanese i guess :))
Zoltán Füzesi : If the Tourism minister is really like this, then her certificates may be good for only one thing... this activity is connected to the bathroom... :)




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